Started in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular blogging software in the market. It is a free, web based software that can be used by anyone to maintain a website. In this blog we will discuss the benefits of WordPress.


  • As it is browser based software, it can be logged in from any computer. So it becomes very easy for anybody to manage the site. There is no need of technical advice of any designer or developer.

  • Very easy to use. It is an open source tool that has a user friendly interface. So adding new pages, blogs and posts can be done very quickly.

  • WordPress sites are very SEO friendly. Since the code behind WordPress is very simple the Crawlers and Spiders can easily read the contents and index the pages.

  • You can be the king of your site and control it to your satisfaction. You need not know the technical knowhow. You can easily update the contents of the webpage.

  • Blogging becomes very easy because it enables built in blogging functionalities. Setting up email subscriptions to your blog and posting the recent blogs, all become child’s play

  • Enables multiple users.

  • Adding, editing, deleting web pages become very easy. You can increase the number of web pages as per your requirements.. As your business grows, you can add web pages to give all relevant information.

  • It has many built in plugins that are free to use. Using these, we can add event, calendar and video gallery.

Use WordPress and enjoy all the benefits. Join the group of WordPress lovers.